Faculty Spotlight: Sadie Albertyn

Although she joined the faculty in 2014, Sadie Albertyn says she still feels a bit like a Meadowbrook newbie – and that’s a good thing. “I think there’s value in keeping my perspective as fresh as possible,” she explains. “Our approach as teachers can always be improved by asking questions and trying to see new angles.”

Ms. Albertyn credits her fellow math teachers with helping to create an innovative department through their unique approaches and individual specialties. Together, they form a team that meets students where they are – without shying away from academic rigor. “Independence for teachers has always been a defining aspect of Meadowbrook,” she says. “We have the freedom to think about the curriculum in a way that feels right to us.” She looks forward to the new opportunities presented by the transformation of Meadowbrook’s campus. “The programming and curriculum inside our classrooms has always been extremely innovative,” she says. “But the same couldn’t be said about the spaces themselves. That’s about to change.”

As a parent of a Meadowbrook student, Ms. Albertyn is thrilled to know that her daughter gets the same attention she herself provides to her own students. “Our mission statement – to know, love, and challenge every child – isn’t just on a plaque on the wall,” she explains. “It’s brought to life by our entire community on a daily basis.”

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