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We trust students
arvind grover

There is a daily duty at school where we raise and lower the U.S. and Meadowbrook flags. We take this duty seriously and as with most things, we trust our students to carry this out; in this case, our esteemed fourth graders. They are responsible for putting the flags up each day and taking them down each afternoon. Ms. McNamara and I are fortunate enough to be part of the team, and back up the fourth graders whenever they are unavailable to complete their duty.

I am grateful to the fourth grade teachers and students who welcomed me into the duty pool and trained me on what is expected. Enjoy the photos.


And we're back!
arvind grover
Grade 1 tours the building

I saw beaming children and adults pouring out of cars this morning. Our students are settling in with their teachers and getting back to school life. 

I am off to visit classrooms and thought I would offer some ideas for tonight's dinner conversations. Here are some questions that might garner more responses than "How was school today?"

  • What was your favorite thing you saw today?
  • Where is your cubby located?
  • What teachers did you see? What do they teach?
  • What friends did you reconnect with?
  • Did you meet any new students? What were their names? What are they like?
  • Did your teachers send you home with anything?
  • Were you nervous at all? When? Do you want to talk about it?

Enjoy this back to school feeling. It is one of the happiest times of year for me, and I am thrilled to welcome you all back.

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