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Voices from the Pandemic

In a moving first-time project, 8th-grade English students recorded interviews with adults in their lives through StoryCorps Connect, a pandemic-focused version of the ongoing NPR series. Then, following the example of Eli Saslow (Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and brother to Craig Saslow) in his ongoing "Voices from the Pandemic" photojournalism series in the Washington Post, students transcribed their interviews and wrote their own "Voices" narratives in the voices of the folks they interviewed. 


Refining—and Sharing—Best Practices

Meadowbrook faculty are scholars who think about how they’re teaching and how they can improve. Through the Meadowbrook Leadership Institute, faculty explore and implement new ideas to build the curriculum of the future based on best practices. 


Honoring Academic Excellence in a Pandemic

Our planning teams will continue to meet and adapt, always with one constant in mind: as we face COVID-19’s impact on our community, we continue unrelenting in our pursuit of academic excellence along with health and safety.


Meadowbrook Alumni in College

Meadowbrook alumni go on to become scholarship winners, entrepreneurs, performers, student leaders, and varsity athletes at top colleges and universities. As they near the end of their first college semester, we would like to congratulate our most recent group of college freshmen.


Middle School Is Essential

The middle school years are a time of dramatic physical and cognitive growth and hormonal changes. Young adolescents are also shifting their focus from their families to their peers.

Thus, an effective middle school program must do far more than prepare students for the academic challenges of high school.


Great Games and Activities to Build Your Child’s Analytical Skills

Right now, we are all up for engaging our brains in new ways. Strong logical thinking and pattern recognition, in particular, are foundational skills for successful math students in the early grades, algebra, and beyond.

Take a look at these old favorites and new ideas for elementary and middle school students—you’ll be sure to find something that will intrigue your child!


Sending Your Child Back to School Safely

The Meadowbrook School knows the importance of strong relationships in children's development. While these can be built at a distance, the bonds become that much more powerful when students and teachers are together every day.

What should you look for in a school’s safety measures to ease your mind as you send your child back to school?