The Meadowbrook Community

Community First

At Meadowbrook, we subscribe to the definition of community as a feeling of fellowship with others, a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. Our community is made up of children, teachers, parents, grandparents, friends, caregivers and neighbors, all with the common goal of giving our students an exemplary education. Everyone has a role in educating our students, and we like to see families and friends on campus. Once you’ve joined the Meadowbrook community, there are many opportunities for you to visit and get involved.

Parents' Association

Parents' Association is an active part of the school community. All Meadowbrook parents are considered a vital resource to the school, and are automatically members of Parents' Association.

Our hope is that the broad range of volunteer opportunities will provide parents with meaningful, fun and rewarding ways to meet other parents, observe the day-to-day atmosphere of the school and contribute to our community.


Parents' Association Committees

We have a number of Parents' Association committees that range widely in topic and scope. Join the Gala Committee, and help plan the biggest fundraising party of the year, or if your interests lean more towards the literary, join the Brookbinder Magazine committee. Our Meadowboutique Committee sells Meadowbrook swag of all sorts. Click here to buy some for yourself or your children!


Every member of your family is an important part of the Meadowbrook family, including grandparents, or grandfriends as we like to call them here. We host a number of events for our grandfriends throughout the year, and they are invited to some of the most special events on campus, including the Thanksgiving and Holiday Assemblies.