Meadowbrook’s 2021 Spring Day of Giving

Begins: March 8, Noon
Ends: March 9, Midnight
Help Us Earn $70,000 in Challenge Funds


Throughout the pandemic, we’ve proven that together we can rise to any challenge.

This school year our unflagging commitment to academic excellence and our community of belonging—always infused with love—has never been more important. We have embraced every obstacle, trusted and cared for one another, and looked toward the potential of tomorrow. We were able to do this because we know our community constantly and generously invests in our students every day.

Now, let's come together again.

We have 36 hours to complete two challenges: Join the Meadowbrook professional network and increase participation in The Meadowbrook Fund. We ask you to join us—because, together, we can accomplish anything.

Meadowbrook went beyond. Now, let's go further!

As usual, the Meadowbrook community went beyond. In less than 12 hours, we unlocked a $20,000 donor gift by getting over 100 connections on LinkedIn, and unlocked a $50,000 donor gift by getting over 100 new gifts. THANK YOU! We are so grateful to all of the participants. Now, let's go further!
Let’s come together again for Meadowbrook’s Spring Day of Giving to help us earn an ADDITIONAL $65,000 in challenge funds.


100 MORE LinkedIn Connections Unlocks an additional $15,000 Donor Gift  
100 MORE New Gifts to The Meadowbrook Fund Unlocks an additional $50,000 Donor Gift

Community Challenge

100 LinkedIn Connections Unlocks $20,000 Donor Gift

We want to strengthen our network—alumni, parents, parents of alumni, and grandparents—so everyone can share updates, talents, and new job and internship opportunities. Help us reach 100 new connections by midnight on March 9 and an anonymous donor will add an additional $15,000 to The Meadowbrook Fund.


if we get 200 connections, we will unlock
a total of $35,000!

Participation Challenge

100 New Gifts Unlocks $50,000 Donor Gift

Every gift, no matter the size, has always mattered, but now its impact is even greater. Help us reach 100 new gifts by midnight on March 9 and an anonymous donor will add an additional $50,000 to The Meadowbrook Fund.


if we get 200 GIFTS, we will unlock
a total of $100,000!



When the Meadowbrook community gives its best,
Meadowbrook can give students our best.



What does the Spring Day of Giving support?
The Meadowbrook Fund

We renamed our annual fund The Meadowbrook Fund and are giving our supporters greater control over their contributions to Meadowbrook. Gifts may be directed to any of our five funds. As always, unrestricted gifts have the most significant impact, as they allow the school to allocate money where it is needed most.
·  Unrestricted (Meadowbrook's Greatest Needs)
·  Academic Excellence
·  COVID-19 Relief
·  Faculty Support
·  Financial Assistance 
Our school relies on gifts to The Meadowbrook Fund from our community to offer an exceptional academic program for our students. Parents, grandparents, alumni and their families, faculty, and friends come together every year to show their support for our school.


Keep in touch by updating yours or your child’s email or mailing address with Meadowbrook’s Community Liaison & Events Manager.