The Meadowbrook Fund

Meadowbrook relies on gifts from our community to offer an exceptional academic program for our students. Parents, grandparents, alumni, and their families along with and faculty and friends, come together every year to show their support for our school by giving to Meadowbrook’s annual fund - The Meadowbrook Fund. We believe that if we challenge ourselves to go beyond, so will the children we teach, and going beyond doesn’t stop in the classroom. Every year, our donors go beyond to support The Meadowbrook Fund. 

The Meadowbrook Fund is Meadowbrook’s annual fund. The Meadowbrook Fund is largely unrestricted and the money raised goes directly to the school’s budget every year to support our students and faculty.  We recognize that many of our donors want to make an impact in a way that is meaningful to them, so we created a range of funds under The Meadowbrook Fund. As always, unrestricted gifts have the most significant impact as it allows the school to allocate money where it is needed most. Learn about all the ways your annual gift can be allocated below. 

Explanation of Funds