Preparing for the Future

Today’s students will someday hold jobs that haven’t yet been invented. That’s why our STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) curriculum focuses on much more than simply helping kids master technology. We foster the development of 21st-century skills to ensure that students are nimble, flexible, and creative when it comes to solving problems – no matter where the march of innovation takes them in life.

We infuse technology, innovation, and design thinking into every class, teaching students to approach challenges analytically and with an eye towards using sophisticated tools to solve complex puzzles and realize their creativity. The hub of our program is the EurekaLab, both a physical space and a curriculum that makes imaginative projects possible for students at all grade levels. Junior kindergarteners take their vision on the road as they build their own toy cars. Fourth graders construct skyscrapers beginning with paper models, which they recreate with digital modeling software, and bring to life via our 3D printer.

Whether their future lies in engineering and the sciences or the arts and humanities, students will rely on a host of critical and analytical skills as they come to understand that sometimes the best solution to a problem is one you build yourself.

STEAM at Meadowbrook