Technology Programs

Tools to Succeed

With our one-to-one program, every child has his or her own computing device from junior kindergarten onward. Junior kindergarten, senior kindergarten and grades 1-5 have dedicated technology instruction -- in core areas like programming, keyboarding and computational concepts -- and grades 6, 7 and 8 have electives such as robotics and film production. All students learn about the ethical use of technology through our award-winning digital citizenship curriculum. We make sure that our students thoroughly grasp the basics but then have access to more sophisticated tools and concepts, particularly with our EurekaLab, which offers 3D printing, vinyl and laser cutting, circuitry and endless opportunities for creativity.

Innovation in Action

In the real world, things aren’t always clearly defined by subject areas like “math” or “language arts.” So we provide a stimulating environment for multi-disciplinary learning, where risk-taking is not only accepted but encouraged. Design thinking brings technology and new ideas into the classroom: students are presented with design challenges, diving into the subject matter, empathizing with the user, and using an iterative process to get to a final, working solution.

Some examples of innovation in action:

  • Senior kindergarten using iPads to design a tree platform, which is then built overlooking the baseball field
  • Fifth grade using robotics to create catapults for Medieval Assembly
  • Middle school “Girls Who Code” learning to program in Python

At Meadowbrook, we don’t use technology for tech’s sake. We teach children to think critically about a concept or problem and apply the app or product that can best solve it. When our students graduate, they know how to evaluate and manage their technology choices, adapt to unfamiliar situations and select the proper tool for a particular task.