We believe if we challenge ourselves to go beyond—standards, expectations, and the ordinary—so will the children we teach.

At Meadowbrook, rigorous academics go beyond grade level to take children as far as they can go, whether that’s gaining ease in another language, conducting original research, or taking geometry in eighth grade.

Here, their talents become excellence. Their passions become life’s work. Their dreams create the future.

Know Them

It’s more than offering small classes and individual attention. It’s listening, sharing, and observing on the playground and on the field, in the library and in the lab, at lunch and after school. It’s helping children see who they are and realize their full potential, intellectually and personally.

Challenge Them 

It’s more than providing advanced curricula and performance-based math, reading, and writing groups for all students. It’s fostering the courage to see a different viewpoint and take on difficult topics with grace and empathy. It’s instilling a lifetime drive to effect change.

Love Them

To love children is more than caring about them. It’s inspiring them to discover and achieve what they care most deeply about and who they wish to become. It’s focusing on diversity, equity, and true understanding.

Leaders in Innovation

Innovation at Meadowbrook is more than robotics and 3D printers. It’s a deliberate mindset of always seeking a better way.

Graduate Success

The advantage of a Jr-K through grade 8 school? Every middle schooler is a mentor and a leader, prepared for high school and college success—and so much more.

Faculty Expertise

What we seek to build in our students is precisely what we seek in our educators: a lifelong eagerness to challenge the intellect.

Every teacher I ever encountered here ensured that I grew in some way, and that I found some way to be myself. Genesis de los Santos ’11, Harvard ’19