Meadowbrook Leadership Institute

At Meadowbrook, when someone asks, “What if?” we say, “Why not?” We don’t just encourage our faculty to run with their wild ideas and passion projects – we give them time, funding, and support to build the curriculum of the future. Launched in 2010, the Meadowbrook Leadership Institute (MLI) enables teachers to pursue unique professional development and research opportunities. These can involve anything from studying new pedagogical methods and technologies to starting an on-campus vegetable garden where students can grow their own food.

Not only is the MLI an essential reflection of what distinguishes Meadowbrook as a leader in our field, but some of our most recognizable programs and initiatives – such as the Meadowbrook Students of Color (MSOC) affinity group and our celebrated EurekaLab – have grown out of MLI-sponsored projects. Any teacher can submit a proposal for a project that advances our ability to support students’ growth, enhance their social-emotional learning, and extend their ties to the community – among countless other goals.

Through the 8th Grade Class Gift, graduating students and their families demonstrate their appreciation for Meadowbrook’s impact on their education and in turn leave a lasting impression on the experience of generations to come.