Partnership for 21st Century Learning

P21 Exemplar School

Meadowbrook was recognized as an Exemplar School in 2015 by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills (P21), a Washington D.C.-based organization that advocates for 21st century readiness for every student. Only a few independent and public schools are selected each year for this honor.

The P21 Exemplar School Program seeks to identify and celebrate schools across the country that are implementing 21st century learning with fidelity. Through a rigorous evaluation process, P21 assesses the policies, processes and practices that contribute to the success of these 21st century learning communities. The 21st Century Learning Exemplar Program identifies what 21st century educational practices look like and where they are being implemented, providing educators and communities with a variety of models to replicate and offering policymakers at all levels local examples to help encourage their support.

In order to be recognized as an Exemplar School, Meadowbrook completed an intensive self-study process and welcomed a team from P21, which included representatives from the University of Connecticut and the Harvard Leadership Initiative. The team was most impressed with how our school is structured for innovation; several Meadowbrook programs caught their attention, such as the Meadowbrook Leadership Institute (MLI), the 8th grade Costa Rica cultural exchange trip, and the vast array of professional development opportunities available to faculty.