5th Grade Curriculum


  • continuation of 4th grade curriculum
  • further refinement of drawing skills with an emphasis on composition
  • emphasis on an individual’s style and interpretation
  • medieval banners
  • woodworking -- emphasis on planning and design balance, variety and proportion
  • pottery -- continued independent employment of hand-building techniques
  • increased overall awareness of the finished product

Language Arts

  • spelling and sentence dictation
  • vocabulary
  • parts of speech -- nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions, and adverbs
  • correct sentence structure and paragraphing
  • punctuation, capitalization
  • English expression
  • reference skills
  • creative and expository writing
  • research reports and poetry


  • emphasis is on mastery of the online catalogue system in preparation for the more complex searching and writing tasks students will encounter in middle school
  • library lessons focus on the ability to ask relevant questions and use appropriate sources, online and print, to answer those questions


General Math (regular track)

  • number theory
  • algebraic thinking
  • exponents
  • fractions, decimals and percentages
  • data, statistics, and graphing
  • measurements
  • perimeters, areas, and volumes
  • ratio and proportion
  • probability
  • plane and coordinate geometry

Traditional Math (honors track)

  • fractions/decimals
  • measurement
  • ratio and proportion
  • percentages
  • plan and coordinate geometry
  • signed numbers
  • probability
  • exponents
  • one-variable algebraic equations
  • graphing

Pre-Algebra Math (honors-accelerated track)

  • ratio and proportion
  • percentages
  • integers; rational and irrational numbers
  • exponents and roots
  • variables
  • solving equations
  • areas and volumes
  • probability/statistics
  • algebraic modeling


  • explore the instruments of the orchestra
  • expand on musical form (rondo, theme and variation, fugue, tone poem)
  • introduce the periods of music history (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionistic, and 20th Century) through various composers and their compositions
  • study the music of the Middle Ages correlating with the social studies curriculum
  • prepare the Revels assembly, learning streets calls and peasant dances
  • involvement in the Lower School chorus or beginning band (the Lower School chorus explores the foundations of good choral singing and sings at the Veterans’ Day, Thanksgiving/Grandfriends’, Holiday and Fine Arts assemblies; beginning band performs at the Holiday and Fine Arts Night assemblies
  • encouraged to participate in the Artist-in-Residence program

Physical Education

  • physical domain (organic development) -- strength endurance, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility
  • neuromuscular development -- integration of nervous and muscular systems to produce desired movements
  • team sports -- cognitive, rules, strategy, terminology, sportsmanship
  • fall -- soccer (boys and girls)
  • winter -- basketball (boys and girls)
  • spring -- softball (girls), baseball (boys)
  • volleyball
  • team problem-solving


  • young adult literature
  • reading integrated with social studies
  • introduction to classical myths
  • emphasis on inferential skills
  • essay writing
  • reading comprehension exercises and vocabulary exercises
  • skill building
  • writing responses to pleasure reading


  • life science -- biotechnology and plants; includes off-campus environmental education
  • earth science -- geography and map and compass skills (orienteering)
  • physical science -- rotation of the earth, gravity and magnetic declination, density, mass and volume
  • health -- human growth and development
  • bones and muscles
  • LOGO programming
  • robotics and engineering (NXT)
  • Operation: Monster Storms -- fly into the eye of a hurricane or chase tornadoes through Tornado Alley; learn how powerful storms form and how cutting-edge technology is used to better understand and forecast weather; from collecting data on the ground to using instruments in the sky and analyzing satellite images from space, students join leading weather scientists as they explore wild weather

Social Studies / History

  • European History: Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Middle Ages
  • ancient cultures’ contributions to modern America
  • reports, outlining, fact-finding, bibliographies, discussion techniques
  • map skills
  • correlated humanities -- art, music, literature
  • current events
  • Understanding Differences program
  • All Working at Racial Equity (AWARE) curriculum
  • social-emotional learning curriculum


  • serves as the culmination of the Lower School language program
  • students embark upon a “virtual homestay” experience in a Spanish-speaking country
  • employs Pearson textbook Buen Viaje as a curricular basis
  • primes students with skills to be used in continued studies of one of four languages offered in Middle School
  • fosters an understanding of the connection between geography, language and culture
  • cultivates basic communication skills in conversational settings with focus on
    • receptive language skills (listening and reading comprehension)
    • mastery of commonly used phrases and thematic vocabulary
    • authentic pronunciation


  • academic technology skills
    • file and folder management, both in the cloud and locally
    • understand and recognize file extensions
    • install software and provide strategies for recognizing malware
    • troubleshooting strategies for minor hardware and software issues
    • build on digital portfolio to showcase learning
    • online discussions/collaboration
  • programming/robotics
    • basic programming skills
    • LEGO Mindstorms NXT
    • video game design
  • engineering/CAD skills
    • computer-aided design (CAD) projects and digital fabrication (vinyl cutter and 3D printing)
    • SimCity simulation
    • reverse engineering
  • digital citizenship
    • connected culture: Responsible Use
    • digital footprint: Trillion Dollar Footprint
    • security: Personal vs Private Information
    • respecting creative work: Copyright/A Creator’s Rights
    • cyberbullying: Case Study & Class Pledge
    • safety: Safe Chatting