Something miraculous happens when a sixth grader finds her groove on the bass, a seventh grader breathes life into a portrait with just his paintbrush, or an eighth grader transports her audience to another world as she embodies a Shakespearean heroine. The arts have the power to open both minds and hearts, giving students unique insight into what it means to be human.

Choosing from a wide variety of arts electives, middle schoolers express themselves through music, theater, ceramics, painting, and more. Our arts instructors channel their creativity into helping students refine their skills and explore new methods and media. Every year culminates with Fine Arts Night, a joyful evening of performances and exhibitions celebrating the talents and passions of our incomparable students.

View the photos to the right to get an idea of the beautiful work our middle schoolers create, and visit our YouTube page to watch the many performances and videos they are a part of.

Arts in the Middle School