Middle School Trips

Class trips constitute an essential component of the middle school experience, opening students’ minds to the world outside of Weston and creating invaluable opportunities for them to learn more about their peers and themselves. See below for pictures and videos of each trip.

Class Trips

6th Grade - Camp Becket

BecketThe entire 6th grade class spends the first three days of the year in the Berkshires at Camp Becket, participating in team building activities that create a bond between new students and veterans alike and establish a foundation that will last throughout their middle school years.

7th Grade - Gettysburg & Washington, D.C.

Students discover the meaning of leadership and responsibility as they explore the site of one of a defining battle of the American Civil War and learn about the complexities of our federal government while visiting the museums and monuments of our nation’s capital.

8th Grade - Costa Rica

Over the course of this 10-day, immersive experience, 8th graders participate in a vibrant cultural exchange, apply their lessons in environmental science to the stunning tropical landscape, and engage in service to the local community. Thrust into an unfamiliar environment, students reflect on their growth and their educational journey as they prepare to embark on the next stage in their careers. They return with a stronger sense of self and a deeper understanding of the wider world to which they belong.

Optional Summer Trips

Where to next?

In addition to the grade-level class trips, Meadowbrook offers three optional summer trips. These trips are rotated on an annual basis so that middle school students have the opportunity to take all three trips during their middle school years if they wish. Adventures abound and knowledge awaits in South Africa, China, and down south for the Civil Rights trip.

South Africa

Students explore parallels between the country’s anti-apartheid efforts and the American Civil Rights Movement while volunteering with the Kliptown Youth Program, which helps young South Africans lift themselves out of poverty.


Through visits to some of the country’s most recognizable landmarks – including the Great Wall, Forbidden City, and the Temple of Heaven – as well as unique cultural exchanges at local Chinese schools, students gain a new perspective on the culture and history of this global superpower.

Civil Rights Trip

Through this unique, experiential learning journey, students engage firsthand with one of the most critical moments in our nation’s history, touring historic sites in Selma, Birmingham, Atlanta, and other locations central to the movement.

Costa Rica Summer Service Trip

Students return to Costa Rica in the summer for a more deeply immersive community engagement experience working with youth displaced from their families and/or indigenous communities deep in the rainforest. The trips always include both interpersonal exchange activities and site improvement projects.