Multicultural Education

Multiculturalism is how diversity plays out in the classroom.

At Meadowbrook, we believe in multicultural education as an essential aspect of good teacher practice, and our program is known as one of the best in the country. Multiculturalism is how diversity plays out in the classroom: strands of history, art, and tradition are woven through lessons to give children perspective and understanding. On an individual and social level, we engage all students to explore their self-awareness as it relates to identity.

Study of Belonging and Inclusion

We are in the final phase of a year-long study of belonging by the Community Committee of the Board of Trustees, with leadership from Alethea Dunham-Carson, our director of Multicultural Affairs. This study solicited candid feedback from constituents about our successes and our opportunities for growth when it comes to building an equitable and inclusive school community.


Institutional Work 

Our office of Multicultural Affairs works tirelessly to be on the leading-edge of multicultural edication. Their work includes, among other ongoing inititatives:  

Affinity Groups

The term “affinity group” refers to people who share a common identity, such as gender or race, or a common experience. At Meadowbrook, we have affinity groups for students of color and for students who identify as LGBTQ+.

Identity Matters

40% of our students and 17% of our faculty self-identity as people of color.

We recognize that as an institution, there is always work to be done to preserve people’s dignity and sense of belonging.

arvind grover
head of school