Our talented teachers engage students in an advanced curriculum from the very beginning.

All areas of study, from Spanish to programming and engineering, begin in junior kindergarten. From their first day, children are asked to think out of the box, be curious about the world, and empathize with those around them.

Here, their strengths become brilliance. Their spirit becomes remarkable. Their achievements create change.

Reaching Their Fullest

Through team teaching, breakout sessions, and performance-based math, reading, and writing groups, we ensure all children are challenged and supported to reach their fullest potential.

Projects With Purpose 

At Meadowbrook, every project has a purpose. Students are empowered, not only to solve problems in the future, but to solve problems for others today.

The Analytical Edge

Our unmatched mathematics program is an outstanding example of the technical, analytical, and investigative skills we foster in all subjects. This firm grounding prepares students to thrive in a world driven by technology.

Lower School

We dedicate the time and the talent to ensure every child is known, loved, and challenged. Not most of them. All of them.

Middle School

We believe middle school is essential—much more than a steppingstone to high school. It’s leadership and growth.

As a teacher at Gann Academy, I’d meet these incredible students who were amazing, creative problem solvers. They had such a sense of who they were as individuals and as learners. I would ask where they went to middle or lower school and ‘Meadowbrook’ was often the answer. Maria Graciela Alcid, Parent

Meet Our Division Heads!

Rashna Mehta
Rashna Mehta
Head of Lower School
Grades JK-5

Justin McLean
Head of Middle School
Grades 6-8