A personalized approach to counseling.

Our commitment to know, love, and challenge your child is not limited to the confines of a Meadowbrook classroom. Our Director of Secondary School Counseling works in partnership with soon-to-be-graduates and their families to help them navigate the secondary school admissions process with responsibility and confidence. We are proud of our students and families who seek the best fit for them, and we are here to help find that fit.

Meadowbrook is proud of the established relationship that we have built with the admissions departments in over 100 schools throughout New England and beyond. For the past five years, Meadowbrook’s student acceptance rate for Secondary School placement is exceptional for admission to schools on their lists. These relationships are a contributing factor.

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In order to foster those relationships and provide assistance for students during their application process, we invite nearly 80 admissions officers from some of the top local and national schools to visit campus every other year. Our students have the opportunity to meet the admissions teams from the schools they are considering in a familiar atmosphere on their own campus in a fair-type setting. On the other years, we host a panel of admission directors to discuss in depth the all-important factors and varied emphasis on each during the admission process: the school grades, the teacher recommendations, the test scores, the extracurricular activities, personal interview, the essays, and demonstrated interest.

For 8th grade students, Meadowbrook provides comprehensive assistance and support throughout the application process, including:

  • Onsite private baseline SSAT testing (completed late feb. of 7th grade year)
  • Onsite SSAT prep
  • Interview practice sessions
  • Customized electronic delivery of transcripts, recommendations, and portfolios
  • Advice on the financial aid process