The school counselors are liaisons between home, school, and, if needed, outside providers in support of students’ mental health. Our counselors provide small-group and one-on-one direct clinical student support when children are experiencing challenges behaviorally, socially, or emotionally. Support ranges from crisis intervention to facilitating peer conflict resolution, always with a strengths-based approach designed to help students build skills that will support their mental health, relationships, and academic progress. The school employs two counselors: one for grades JK-4 and one for grades 5-8.

In all grades, our counselors collaborate with teachers and our Office of Equity and Inclusion to develop lifelong skills and knowledge through foundational social and emotional learning (SEL) classes. Students strengthen themselves as learners and individuals as they grow in self-awareness and awareness of others’ identity and feelings; learn to manage their emotions; practice kindness, empathy, and perspective; and gain interpersonal skills such as positive communication and cooperation. Counselors also offer family guidance as needed, attend team meetings, and coach teachers as they support a diverse range of social and emotional needs within the classroom.

Health Office

Our health office is staffed by two registered nurses, who are familiar faces around campus who get to know the students well. The nurses work closely with parents and guardians of students who have special health needs, or for any student who needs extra support on any given day. The nurses provide individual guidance when Covid cases arise, and have a close relationship with our consulting physicians and the Weston Board of Health. The nurses are also expert at distributing band-aids, ice packs, and smiles when needed.

Other Ways to Support Student Wellbeing

In the Middle School, students are given an advisor who serves as the liaison between home and school. The advisor has regular check-ins with each of their advisees, and they regular meet as an advisory group to play games and build relationships. The advisor makes it their priority to know each advisee and keep in close contact with their teachers as needed.

Student affinity groups (also known as Meadowbrook Students of Color, or MSOC) provide safe spaces for students of color to find community with others students of color. Facilitated by faculty from the Office of Equity and Inclusion, these groups meet regularly during lunch periods.