Today’s students are part of the generation who will meet challenges that we cannot anticipate. With change being the only known constant, Meadowbrook aims to prepare students to get comfortable with discomfort.

When we think about technology and innovation, we aren’t simply talking about computers and the latest trends. We’re talking about a mindset – a way of thinking that puts students in a position to be problem solvers – not just in STEM-related classes, but in everyday life. We challenge students to use a hands-on design thinking approach, where they understand, define, imagine, prototype, and then try out their solutions. Empathy and collaboration work in tandem to create a human-centered process that closely resembles real-life situations.

Technology is integrated into all aspects of our program, beginning with our youngest students in Jr-K. Lower School students take technology as a standalone class once a week. Middle School students use technology as a tool for all their academic learning, and some choose to explore more with electives and art courses that hone their tech skills further.

Lower School technology curriculum covers the following main categories:

Academic Technology


Engineering and Electronics

Digital CitizenshipRobotics

Some examples of Middle School projects integrated with tech & innovation:

  • Set design
  • Art tech class
  • Graphic design
  • Costume making and building