Board of Trustees

Meadowbrook is led by a board of trustees that holds sacred the mission of the school. Our board is composed primarily of current and past parents with expertise in finance, business, development, education, real estate, medicine, law and many other fields.


NamePositionParent Years
Susan LittlefieldPresident'20, '22
Kate EllisVice President
Co-Chair, Development Committee
Chris Bartel
Co-chair Investment Committee
David V. CappilloSecretary'20, '22

A Letter from our Board President

Dear friends,

My family and I have been part of the wonderful Meadowbrook community since 2005. We feel incredibly blessed that our three sons have been thoroughly known, loved and challenged by the talented Meadowbrook faculty. Before coming to the school, we never imagined the wonderful partnership that would develop with the faculty—where they too care deeply, work hard, and provide tremendous support for our sons as they become the best students, athletes, artists, and most importantly, the best people they can possibly be. We are grateful to Meadowbrook, the institution and the community.

I became a trustee of Meadowbrook in 2011 because I wanted to support the school and its leadership. Meadowbrook is an institution that never stands still. The Meadowbrook board of trustees is made up of highly dedicated and talented individuals. These trustees also serve on board-level committees in partnership with school administrators and non-trustee parents. The committees accomplish much important work each year!

In 2016, I was lucky to become the president of the board of trustees at a time of exciting change for the school. That year, we broke ground on our state-of-the-art learning commons and lower school building. We also launched the search for Meadowbrook’s seventh head of school and ultimately appointed arvind grover to the position. While there is much new and exciting about Meadowbrook today, there is also a lot to be learned from its classic practices and traditions. It is this thoughtful and deliberate balance that sets Meadowbrook apart from other schools.

As the president of the board of trustees, I believe my and each trustee’s role is to ensure that Meadowbrook has the leadership and resources to deliver on its mission “to know, love and challenge every child.” I hope you appreciate Meadowbrook and its wonderful mission as much as I do!

Best regards,

Susan Littlefield
Board President


NamePositionParent Years
Christopher M. Austen ('81)Co-chair, Committee on Trustees and Development Committee'23
Jennifer Block''26, '27
Kevin T. Callaghan'21
Cathy ConnollyCo-chair, Compensation & Benefits Committee'19, '21
J.P. Fine ('87)
Chair, Facilities Committee
Nicole FitzpatrickCo-chair, Committee on Trustees and Community Committee'21, '23, '25
Larry HamelskyChair, Audit Committee'22
Bryan Krause'23, '25
Wyatt Larsen'22
Yuchun Lee'20
Mallika Marshall'23, '24
Karlyn McNall
Matthew Mittelstadt ('89)Co-chair, Facilities Committee'21, '24
Vincent Montemaggiore
David Newbower'25
Keith R. PalumboChair, Finance Committee'22
Paresh PatelCo-chair, Investment Committee'23, '24, '25, '26
Marni Payne'21, '23
Lisa Rose ('84)'19, '22
Jennifer Seeman
Meg SmithChair, Summer Programs Committee'20, '22
Brian SungCo-chair, Marketing Committee'22, '23, '27
Ethan Thurow('89)'23, '25
Isil WaxmanCo-chair, Compensation and Benefits Committee'19, '22
Ariann Williams('04)Alumni Trustee
Suzanne FoleyParents' Council Co-chair'20, '23
Alison SungParents' Council Co-chair'22, '23, '27