Board of Trustees

Meadowbrook is led by a board of trustees that holds sacred the mission of the school. Our board is composed primarily of current and past parents with expertise in finance, business, development, education, real estate, medicine, law and many other fields.

A Letter from the Board President

Dear friends,

It is my honor to serve as president of the Meadowbrook School board of trustees. Being board president, in fact, is just one in a long line of roles I have held at Meadowbrook. For the past number of  years, I have been a trustee. I am the parent of two graduates and a current student (’18, ’18, and ’23). I am an alumnus myself, graduating from sixth grade in 1981. And I first joined Meadowbrook nearly 50 years ago as a student in what was then called the nursery class.  

A lot has changed since then. Nursery became JK. New buildings have gone up, teachers have come and gone, and Meadowbrook now has an extraordinary middle school. Despite all these changes, the most important aspects of the Meadowbrook experience have remained the same. We have amazing teachers who know and love our children. We have an intentional and innovative curriculum at all levels that is ahead of our peers and second to none. Importantly, we are a community that equally values academic excellence and each other. 

As a leading independent day school, Meadowbrook will always be moving forward, breaking new ground, improving programs, developing the greatest teachers, and growing our diverse community. As board president, I am thrilled to work with all our trustees to support the administration and faculty in undertaking these significant and ongoing efforts.

I appreciate all that Meadowbrook has given to me and my family over the years, and I look forward to seeing what Meadowbrook can bring to generations of new families in the decades to come.

Best regards,

Chris Austen
Board President


Name Position Parent Years
Christopher M. Austen ('81) President '18, '18, 23
Jennifer Block Co-chair, Committee on Trustees '26, '27, '30
David V. Cappillo Vice President '20, '22
Cathy Connolly   '15, '19, '21
Megan Craigen   '25. '27, '28
Kate Ellis Vice President '16, '18, '22
Amy Finkelstein   '22, '24
Nicole Fitzpatrick Secretary '21, '23, '25, '29
Suzanne Foley Co-chair, Community Committee '23, '27
arvind grover* Head of School '29, '29
Larry Hamelsky   '22
Nina Hanlon ('92) Alumni Trustee  
Bryan Krause   '23, '25, '27
Wyatt Larsen   '22
Jen Lee Co-chair, Compensation & Benefits Committee '22, '23, '26
Irene Levangie* Co-chair, Parents Association '26, '30, '30
Susan Littlefield Chair, Auxiliary Programs Committee '15, '20, '22
Timothy Mack   '25
Matthew Mittelstadt ('89) Chair, Facilities Committee & Co-chair, Development Committee '21, '24
Alexis Montemaggiore* Co-chair, Parents Association '25, '30
Vincent Montemaggiore Treasurer '25, '30
Gisele Nelson Co-chair, Parents Association '26, '29
David Newbower   '25, '28
Christopher Parris    
Paresh Patel Co-chair, Investment Committee '23, '24, '25, '26
Marni Payne Chair, Audit Committee '21, '23
Lisa Rose ('84) Co-chair, Community Committee '19,  '22
Meg Smith   '18, '20,  '22
Brian Sung   '22, '23, '27
Rudina Seseri   '28
Ethan Thurow('89) Chair, Finance Committee '23, '25
Esperanza Watkins Co-chair, Development Committee  '22, '26
Jed Weiss Co-chair, Compensation Committee '24, '27, '29
*ex-officio trustee