Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging

At Meadowbrook, every child is known, loved, and challenged.

We believe that to inspire each and every child to go beyond, we must create a community of belonging.

Meadowbrook’s Office of Multicultural Affairs promotes belonging, inclusion, and equity for all members in our community—students, faculty, and families. We guide students in their journey toward understanding their own identity, collaborating with faculty to ensure each student can see themselves represented in their classrooms and throughout their day at Meadowbrook.

We prepare our students to leave Meadowbrook with a toolkit necessary to engage in conversations around identity, equity and justice.

For Students

From junior kindergarten to eighth grade, we develop programming and foster close relationships with students to allow them to explore, make mistakes, and thrive as their whole selves. 

Multicultural Education

Our intentionally designed multicultural education program includes lessons and teaching practices that help students explore human similarities and differences and how our perceptions impact our ideas about truth. Diverse strands of history, art, and tradition are woven through lessons to give children perspective and understanding. 


Our All Working at Racial Equity (AWARE) curriculum is an anti-bias education program that is part of Meadowbrook’s social and emotional learning curriculum. AWARE helps children feel comfortable talking about race and ethnicity and exposes them to varying backgrounds and perspectives.

Meadowbrook Students of Color

Meadowbrook Students of Color (MSOC) is an affinity group for students in junior kindergarten through eighth grade. At Meadowbrook, students of color are individuals who identify and can speak from the "I" perspective as Asian or Pacific Islander, Native American or Alaskan Native, Black, Hispanic/Latinx, or multiracial. Designed as a space where students can develop and strengthen their own racial and group identity rather than as a time to learn about others, MSOC seeks to provide a community of belonging for students to affirm their identities.

More on Affinity Groups

For Faculty

The Office of Multicultural Affairs guides Meadowbrook’s efforts to seek and retain a diverse faculty. It coordinates several initiatives that support faculty personally and as they guide the social and emotional growth of our students, including:

For Families

Parents and guardians are an integral part of Meadowbrook’s community of belonging.


Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity (SEED) is a program regularly offered to Meadowbrook parents and faculty. SEED asks questions about class, religion, race, and other aspects of an individual's identity in a complex world.

Community Conversations

Meadowbrook gathers parents and guardians for discussion on a variety of topics, including adult education on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Meet Our Team!

Yocelin González
Director of Multicultural Affairs


Trinity Johns
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Fellow



Joey Gottlieb
Multicultural Teaching Intern