We believe if we challenge ourselves to go beyond—standards, expectations, and the ordinary—so will the children we teach.

That’s what drives us at Meadowbrook: envisioning how all of our hard work, knowledge, innovation, and, yes, love will inspire and equip children to go beyond.

The Meadowbrook Way

We refer to it all the time as the essence of our school. It’s a diverse community that goes above and beyond. Teachers who aren’t just teachers, but masters of their craft, who put children first. Parents who devote countless hours to volunteering. Students who love each other, lift each other up, and challenge each other to reach new heights. It’s who we are.

Students and Teachers

  • Just over 315 students in Jr-K through grade 8
  • An advanced curriculum with flexible, performance-based math and English groups and independent study opportunities
  • Two teachers per class in Jr-K–3, three teachers in grades 4–5, and an average class size of 12 in the Middle School
  • Immersive learning experiences that connect subjects and skills with real application

Resources and Programs

  • 30 acres of woods, water, and fields, located at the crossroads of I-95 and the Mass. Pike (Route 90)
  • State-of-the-art spaces and resources for technology, engineering, and the arts
  • 10 interscholastic athletic teams
  • Local and global community service and social justice projects

Head of School

arvind s. grover spells his name using all lowercase letters because he liked how it looked when he was younger. The look stuck!

Faculty and Staff

Our expert teachers and staff invest time to understand what sparks each student.

Contact Us

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“Meadowbrook alumni have mastered skills beyond their years and peers—entering high school ready and eager for academic and personal challenges.” Kirsten Johnson, Parent