When you step foot on our campus, the warmth and character of our community come shining through. As Head of Lower School Rashna Mehta will tell you, we take fun seriously, and it shows in our amazing arts choices, novel physical education classes, and creative assemblies. It shows in our very happy children.

The joy is contagious – in the hallways, on the playground, and in the classrooms.

Co-Teaching Model

All of our Lower School classes have two to three teachers in each classroom. Through team teaching, breakout sessions, and performance-based math and reading groups, we ensure all children are challenged and supported without limits.

In addition to grade-level teachers, reading and other specialists often join class time for enrichment and support.

Other specialists like technology teachers, Spanish teachers, and art teachers collaborate with classroom teachers to give each child an unparalleled academic experience.

Lower School Curriculum

The curriculum of each grade is intentionally designed to challenge students academically, socially, and creatively.

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Social Emotional Learning

Social emotional learning at Meadowbrook

Open Circle

Our Lower School faculty are trained in Open Circle, a social emotional curriculum founded at Wellesley College. Open Circle gives students common language and encourages shared class agreements to foster a healthy community environment.

Digital Citizenship

Specialists from the technology team deliver this unique Meadowbrook-created curriculum. Formed with a partnership with Common Sense Media, the students get practical real-world guidance on safe and responsible online behavior.


Using an “emotions matter” mindset, our teachers utilize tools from the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence’s RULER program. We know that our students cannot be challenged academically if their emotional needs are not met, so we prioritize time and resources to this important work.

Responsive Classroom

Lower School teachers are trained in Responsive Classroom techniques, which provide tools and structure for social emotional learning. Responsive Classroom is an approach that allows each teacher to customize their approach based on the unique needs of their students.

Equity and Inclusion Curriculum


Our All Working at Racial Equity (AWARE) curriculum, developed by Meadowbrook faculty in 2011, is part of our social and emotional learning curriculum. AWARE helps students learn about their own identity and build the skills to engage in conversations about the Meadowbrook 9.


The Meadowbrook 9

Teachers recognizing and affirming each and all aspects of a student’s identity is critical to their success in the classroom, in the art studio, on the playing field and even at recess and lunch. The Meadowbrook 9 are cultural and social identifiers that guide the work we do as a community as we strive to be a community of belonging:

ability, age, ethnicity, gender (gender identity and expression), family structure, race, religion and beliefs, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic class

While there are many other identifiers that may be more salient and defining than others at any given time, the Meadowbrook 9 are connected to access and equity particularly within the historical context of education.

Equity and inclusion at Meadowbrook

Academic Student Support

Students needing extra help can find it in our Office of Student Support. Here, learning specialists offer extra support in everything from reading to math, organization and study skills. Lower School learning specialists are embedded within the classrooms and attend all grade-level meetings, providing hands-on help to students and coaching for teachers when needed.

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