It includes a rigorous curriculum enriched with varied electives, independent study, outdoor adventure, varsity sports challenges, peer mentoring opportunities, and a leading-edge emphasis on social and emotional learning.

Experienced teachers who truly understand—and like—teaching middle schoolers will inspire you to stretch your mind and achieve your personal best. Meadowbrook students regularly excel in the National Foreign Language Exams, garner state writing and art awards, take top math honors, and see state and national athletic tournament play.

In addition to challenging your intellect, we will open unbounded opportunities for you to lead and contribute—right here, right now.


Middle School Curriculum

Combining the highest level of academic rigor with countless opportunities for personal exploration and challenge, Meadowbrook offers a middle school experience without limits. From specialized arts and technology classes to performance based math groups, each student can reach new heights.

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Academic Student Support

In the Middle School, they help teachers build executive functioning support into their instruction, including organization, planning, and study skills. In these individual sessions, our learning specialists work on fundamental reading and writing skills, help students with diagnosed attentional challenges develop essential executive functioning skills, and assist with homework support, test preparation, and long-term project planning.

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Social Emotional Learning

Middle school SEL at Meadowbrook

Digital Citizenship

Specialists from the technology team deliver this unique Meadowbrook-created curriculum. Formed with a partnership with Common Sense Media, the students get practical real-world guidance on safe and responsible online behavior.


Using an “emotions matter” mindset, our teachers utilize tools from the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence’s RULER program. We know that our students cannot be challenged academically if their emotional needs are not met, so we prioritize time and resources to this important work.

Human Growth and Development

Each middle school grade studies human growth and development as an integrated part of their social-emotional learning curriculum. In an age-appropriate way, teachers they know and trust walk the students through a range of topics, including gender, sexuality, puberty, mindfulness, nutrition, and more.


Equity and Inclusion Curriculum


Our All Working at Racial Equity (AWARE) curriculum, developed by Meadowbrook faculty in 2011, is part of our social and emotional learning curriculum. AWARE helps students learn about their own identity and build the skills to engage in conversations about the Meadowbrook 9.

The Meadowbrook 9

Teachers recognizing and affirming each and all aspects of a student’s identity is critical to their success in the classroom, in the art studio, on the playing field and even at recess and lunch. The Meadowbrook 9 are cultural and social identifiers that guide the work we do as a community as we strive to be a community of belonging:

ability, age, ethnicity, gender (gender identity and expression), family structure, race, religion and beliefs, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic class

While there are many other identifiers that may be more salient and defining than others at any given time, the Meadowbrook 9 are connected to access and equity particularly within the historical context of education.

Equity and inclusion in middle school at Meadowbrook