Head of School

A Note From Our Head of School

I began my educational career teaching preschool, where I made it my goal to create a small world for children that was safe and constructive – a world where they could feel comfortable exploring the boundaries of their imagination and discovering what it means to take joy in learning.

I’ve brought that goal to every job I’ve held since – from instructing high schoolers in digital ethics to my position as head of Meadowbrook. Ensuring that students feel free to chart their own course of learning is a vital first step in building not just the kind of school that our children need, but the kind of school they deserve.

Remaining true to our mission to know, love, and challenge every child enables us to create this kind of environment, giving our students room to grow and thrive. I invite you to discover the uniquely supportive ways that we are redefining rigor at Meadowbrook.

- arvind s. grover, Head of School

arvind's Take

We believe education goes beyond tradition and trends. So much goes into challenging and motivating every child at Meadowbrook.

Explore arvind's answers below to the questions that are important to all of us. Or get in touch to learn more.

Seven Fun Facts About Our 7th Head of School

arvind s. grover is the seventh head of school in Meadowbrook's history. Hover over the numbers below to learn more about him!

arvind spells his name using all lowercase letters, because he liked how it looked when he was younger. The look stuck!

One of his all-time favorite books is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.

arvind has a dog named Franny, who loves to play in the park with his sons Kiran and Raj.

He spent two summers performing surgery on rats for a research project.

arvind cheers for the Pittsburgh Steelers, even though Tom Brady was his classmate in college.

He prefers salty over sweet. He wishes french fries could be dessert!

He can whistle really, really loudly.