Grandparents and Grandfriends


Every member of your family is an important part of the Meadowbrook family, including grandparents, or grandfriends as we like to call them here. We host a number of events for our grandfriends throughout the year, and they are invited to some of the most special events on campus, including the Thanksgiving and Holiday Assemblies. 



We hope that in the near future we can invite you back to our beautiful campus to enjoy a music performance or an art exhibit, spend time in your grandchild’s classroom, and visit with other enthusiastic Grandfriends.  We miss seeing you! In the meantime, be sure to stay informed about Meadowbrook and stay connected with your grandchildren. 

How to Stay Informed

Grandfriends naturally want to know about the world of their grandchildren, and Meadowbrook is happy to keep Grandfriends involved, whether they are near or far. 

  • Two special publications are sent out to all families, including Grandfriends, during the school year.  The Meadowbrook Magazine and Annual Report provide articles, photos and news to keep you informed about our school. 
  • Meadowbrook publishes weekly newsletters that are sent to all families on Friday afternoons.  If you are interested in receiving these newsletters by email, please contact Sabrina Dwyer at and she will gladly add you to the distribution list. 
  • Meadowbrook shares a lot of fun and interesting peeks into the community through social media. Please follow us!

Grandfriends Virtual Activity Guide

Even when you can't visit Meadowbrook, or see your grandchildren in person, there are a lot of ways to stay connected. Here are some of our favorites:

• Read a book together, even if it is over Zoom or FaceTime.  With younger grandchildren, perhaps you’d like to arrange a bedtime story time. For older children, you could take turns reading a chapter to each other.

• While on Zoom or FaceTime, play “I Spy” using what you can each see on your screens.  For example, find something in your grandchild’s space and say “I spy with my eye something round” and see if they can figure it out.  Then you can take turns. 

• Play “Memory” by asking them to take a look at your screen for 10 seconds and remember all they see.  Then have them turn around while you make a change to the room or yourself and see if they can guess what changes were made.  Add an article of clothing, a book, remove something from the room, etc.  Take turns to see what they come up with, too!

• Play online Battleship:

• Have your grandchild interview you about your own childhood. There is no better time to have them get to know you! Ask them to pretend they are a news anchor and ask you questions.  

• Are there some family recipe traditions you can share with your grandchildren? Share that recipe and cook it together.


Opportunities to Give at Meadowbrook

Meadowbrook plays an important role in engaging students academically and socially, fostering their love of learning and developing future leaders.  Your support helps us meet the educational needs of the entire school community.  Please consider joining our families who contribute to The Meadowbrook Fund.  Click here to learn more and to make a donation today.