Physical Education & Athletics

A Unique Program

Physical education is integral to our commitment to the whole child and a key component in the school day. Beginning in junior kindergarten, P.E. is scheduled at least four days a week. We make sure that every student, regardless of skill or experience, has a superb athletic opportunity.

When they get to middle school, students are required to participate in Meadowbrook sports in each season. Students have a wide range of sports to choose from: soccer, basketball, lacrosse, softball, baseball, squash, cross-country running, track and field, tennis, fitness, dance, and rock-climbing. Our 4th and 5th graders can choose to play competitively before middle school in soccer, basketball, and 5th graders in baseball or softball.

And because 99% of our coaches are Meadowbrook teachers, they know your child. They understand what makes students tick, know how to nurture them as leaders and show them how to win (and lose) gracefully. Our athletic program is about respect, teamwork and challenge... an extension of what we teach in our classrooms.

Athletics Teams

Active kids are happy kids!