Our students are immersed in science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics—and more.

At Meadowbrook, innovation goes beyond robotics and 3D printers, engineering and programming activities that begin in junior kindergarten, or even the latest curricular approach. It’s a deliberate mindset of always seeking a better way.

Engaged Learning

Engaged learning goes further than hands-on projects. It’s curiosity, conversations with favorite teachers, developing a prototype to address an environmental issue, and coming into the innovation center early to work on a design just because.

  • Kindergarteners interviewed an architect, built a model of the Hancock Tower, and constructed a geodesic dome large enough to play in.
  • For the fifth grade Passion Project, each student researches, writes, and develops a comprehensive website on a topic of their choice.
  • Sixth graders research, design, and share their inventions with kindergarteners to teach them about the diverse bird life around Meadowbrook.
  • Middle schoolers build chariots and compete in races at the annual Rome Day festivities in May.

Analytical and Technical Skills

We infuse technology and innovation into every class, teaching students to approach challenges analytically in a stimulating environment that promotes multidisciplinary learning. Whether creating in the Danoff Family Innovation Center, coding, or producing a video, students have inspiring resources.

  • Students in the Hands for Hope partnership used open source software and a 3D printer to develop a prosthetic hand—then created a group to continue developing prosthetics to give to patients in need.
  • Fifth grade math students undertake JavaScript programming projects to demonstrate math concepts.
  • The seventh grade Film and Broadcast Media class produces live news broadcasts that are shared with the community online or at morning assembly.

Working for a Cause

Eighth graders work together to fund their culminating Costa Rica service trip.

The Top 10%

Nearly 1 in 3 Meadowbrook fourth and fifth graders finished in the top 10% in the 2018 International Math Olympiad.

I’m always trying to find the point of entry for each child—what will really excite them about learning.
Middle School Science Teacher Rachel Shuler