Middle School

We believe Middle School is essential.

Middle school isn’t simply a steppingstone to high school. At Meadowbrook, it’s electives from robotics to filmmaking, independent study, outdoor adventure and varsity sports challenges, and a culminating Costa Rica cultural exchange trip. It’s leadership and growth in mind, body, perspective, and responsibility.

If you’re seeking top middle school academics, Meadowbrook is the answer. Our rigorous curriculum and innovative applied learning approaches will challenge and inspire you to stretch your mind and achieve your personal best. Each year, Meadowbrook students excel in the National Foreign Language Exams—including 62 national medals in 2018. Honors English students develop sophisticated analyses of readings from Beowulf and Paradise Lost and conduct etymological research. Our student writers garner state and national awards. Most recently, Kendall B. earned national recognition for her essay “Feminism at Fourteen,” and Caleb B. earned a national medal in journalism for his piece on the Qatar World Cup.

Be Inspired By Your Teachers

They’ve designed gargoyles at the National Cathedral, published books, led national conferences, performed in professional bands, and played varsity sports in college. As advisors, coaches, and mentors, each spends at least three hours per day outside of the classroom with students, including weekly one-on-one advisory time. The relationships you form with these smart, passionate master teachers will spark the many possibilities you carry inside.

Learn More About Middle School

Grade Level Curriculum

Embrace Different Viewpoints

Introduce yourself to another new student—many new middle schoolers come to Meadowbrook from throughout the Boston area. Together, you and your classmates will explore new perspectives on self-identity, racial equity, and global issues through our specially developed curricula. 

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Leadership and Growth

As the leaders at Meadowbrook, you and your friends will work together to bring to life your vision for the school.

Top in the Nation

99% of Meadowbrook students
score above the national
average on secondary
school entrance exams.

I’m always trying to find the point of entry for each child— what will really excite them about learning.