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Middle School

Independence Instilled

The greatest gift a young person can receive – and the most exciting challenge they can encounter – is independence. As students enter Meadowbrook’s Middle School, they find new opportunities to stretch the limits of their capabilities and their imagination. They approach the edge of their comfort zone, secure in the knowledge that if they choose to leap, they can count on the support of their teachers, faculty advisor, peers, and family to ensure a smooth landing.

Our middle school curriculum continues Meadowbrook’s tradition of redefining rigor. Yes, seventh graders will delve into complex math concepts, but they might do so while talking in British accents for an entire class period. Teachers present new academic challenges in a context that sparks students’ creativity and curiosity, reinforcing the idea that learning can – and should – be fun.

Our faculty meets students where they are and gives them the freedom to take chances and develop valuable skills related to leadership, responsibility, dedication, and citizenship. After students graduate from Meadowbrook – often to attend one of the leading independent schools in the region – they discover how well they have been prepared to grow and flourish in high school, at college, and beyond.

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