In honor of the school's founding year of 1923, alumni from the Classes of 2018—2023 are invited to join us for an evening of friendship, fun, and food, as we celebrate 100 Years of Meadowbrook together.

The evening includes a performance by Steeples and Satellites — featuring members of the Meadowbrook Faculty — and attendance by special guests, Mónica Leal Rodríguez and Adrián David Salas Campos, Costa Rica Site Leaders.


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Dinner provided by Naco Taco, generously donated by Alex '99 and Suzanne Tannenbaum. With special gratitude to our Centennial Celebration chairs, Suzanne Foley, Irene Levangie, and Barrett Yates-Mack.

Look Who's Coming

Young Alumni

Gibran Ashai ’22
Reva Vaddi ’23
Aleena Bacorro ’21
Vihaan Batra ’22
Conrad Brown ’18
Thatcher Brown ’20
Nico Campana ’16
Zach Campana ’17
Ella Campbell ’23
Kaitlyn Cappillo ’20
Jo Chao ’23
Ella Cheong ’22
Claire Chow ’23
Thomas Connolly ’19
Ellis Cramer ’23
Will Cronin ’19
James D'Agostino ’23
Evan Deede ’20
Bella Dolan ’21
Teddy Ellis ’18
Emma Finkelstein ’22
Liam Foley ’20
Oliver Foley ’23
Mateo Garcia Zamora ’22
William Grace ’23
Alina Jegen ’22
Michael Jennings ’19
Henry Klosek ’22
Arya Lal ’21
Claire Larsen ’22
Averie Lee ’22
Noelle Lee ’23
Benjy Levine ’22
Heidi Li ’21
Megan Li ’19
Ishan Loonkar ’23
Jai Malhotra ’22
Marissa Mendoza ’22
Kira Morales ’23
Arianne Motakef ’19
Chase Mueller ’22
Dylan Murphy ’20
Elisabeth Nelson ’23
Lauren Ong ’22
Ash Perez-Reyzin ’21
Raj Randery ’23
Graylyn Rhee ’20
Lila Rhee ’22
Akshay Sayana-Dudani ’22
Lira Schwab ’22
Sebastien Sobeih ’22
Calum Stein ’19
Mia Sung ’22
Samantha Tarlow ’22
Reva Vaddi ’23
Rishi Vaddi ’23
Sophia Verma ’20
Sonja Vuolteenaho ’23
Anastasia Wagner ’21
Ricardo Watkins ’22
Alex Yoon ’22
Aaron Zhang ’19
Alvin Zhang ’22
Serena Zhao ’22
Alexa Zhou ’23

Special Guests

Adrian David Salas Campos
Monica Leal Rodriguez

Current & Former Faculty

Mr. Apostoli
Ms. Bentley
Mr. Boger
Mr. Buys
Ms. Campana
Ms. Campbell
Mr. Canfield
Ms. Daly
Mr. Eisenhardt
Mr. Fishbein
Mr. Glenwerks
Ms. graham
Mr. grover
Ms. Hoff
Ms. Jennings
Mr. Kaye
Mr. Kucewicz
Mr. LaValley
Ms. McNamara
Mr. Molyneux
Mr. C. O'Toole
Mr. D. O'Toole
Ms. Paradis
Ms. Prus
Ms. Putnam
Mr. Russell
Mr. Saslow
Mr. Scafati
Ms. Scafati
Mr. Schmid
Mr. Schwake
Mr. Vassallo
Ms. Walker
Ms. Weintraub
Mr. Williams
Ms. S. Williamson
Mr. T. Williamson

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